How To Stay Properly Hydrated

Water is considered the most essential element. Without water, it will be impossible to survive. It has been used as the world’s first form of medication. It is crucial that we have enough water in our body as most of the body functions rely on it. Sixty percent of our body is water. It protects our brain as well as the other parts of our body. It helps our digestive system convert the foods that we eat into consumable nutrients that fuel the whole body. It also fuels our muscles and lubricates our joints. It even helps lessen the signs of aging.

H.H. Mitchell, one of the authors of the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, in identifying the chemical composition of the body, expressed the percentages of fluids found in its various parts. It is amazing to note that even the blood contains about 80% of water. Just imagine what will happen if you neglect to replace any lost fluid in your body. It is a good thing to always have one of the best water bottles for gym so you can stay hydrated whenever you need to.


Here we list some guidelines that will keep you hydrated throughout the day so that you will be at your best at any time.

As pointed out earlier, the body relies much on the water that you have in your body to do its normal functions. If you are losing more than what you regularly lose since you may have been exercising, doing any strenuous workout, or there are other factors within your current location that’s causing you to lose more body fluids than usual, you will need to have more fluids to drink to replace anything that was lost to ensure that your mind and your body will continue to function well.

Note that the brain and the heart are composed of about 73% water. That means if you stay hydrated, you help your brain to perform at its best. You can focus better, hence cognition, retention, as well as fine motor skills are improved.

Have you ever experienced driving for hours in a remote area without enough water for the travel? If you do, you understand how difficult it is to drive if your mind is already getting foggy as the blood that carries oxygen to the brain is having a difficult time doing what it is required to do. Note that when you are dehydrated, your blood thickens. That means your heart will have to work harder to pump out the thickened blood so that oxygen can be transported to the brain.

Everything in the body, from the cells to the organs to the systems will be dependent on the level of hydration that your body has at the moment. If you neglect to address the signals that your body is sending you when it is time for it to regain any lost fluid, it may be too late.

In addition to that, when your cells are dehydrated, they cannot absorb and use glucose as efficiently as energy.

Drink only as much as your body needs.

You may feel thirsty, but you may just actually be already dehydrated. So it’s best not to depend on your sense of thirst to have a drink.

Although there are different factors that may influence your hydration level, you will know personally when you need to have a drink. You lose water every second and every time you perspire, urinate or defecate. For the body to function as it is expected, you need to supply it with the water it needs by consuming beverages as well as foods that contain water.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that women who seem to be adequately hydrated should consume an average of about 2.7 liters (91 ounces) of total water — from all beverages and foods — each day. Men, on the other hand, should consume an average of about 3.7 liters (125 ounces) daily. However, there are other factors, as noted earlier, that will still affect the volume of fluids that you need to take. These will include your geographic location, activities, physiological features, overall health, or any pre-existing conditions.

Consider all other factors influencing your hydration level.

If you plan to engage in a high intensity (or even a low-intensity workout), you will need to be adequately hydrated before, during, and after the activity. You will also need to make sure that you drink just enough and not put your health at risk. Remember that it is possible for anyone (even professional athletes) to overhydrate and be at risk of hyponatremia.This happens when the sodium level in the body becomes depleted because of too much water that it holds.

It will also be best if you drink an isotonic drink that will help replace lost electrolytes during a workout.

One of the best things to do to determine if you are properly hydrated is the color of your urine. Your objective is to maintain a light yellow colored urine throughout the day. If the smell and the color of your urine are strong, then you are probably not getting enough water or you may actually already be dehydrated.

Final note. Be cautious of those labeled as healthy drinks.

Many diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners as they can disrupt the blood sugar levels and are also high in calories.

You don’t have to wait to feel thirsty before hydrating. All you need is one of the best water bottles for gym that you can use wherever you may be. Find one that will best suit whatever purpose you have in mind. If you always on the go and loves the outdoors, do a lot of hiking or trekking, you will need a more durable water bottle like one that is made with double insulated walls. It will also ensure that whatever you put in it, whether a hot or cold beverage, will retain the beverage’s temperature. This will also be a healthier option than a bottled water and will also be more beneficial to the environment.

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