How to Buy Interesting Coffee Mugs for Dad

Buying a coffee mug for a stubborn dad is not easy. Hey, I’m not saying most dads are stubborn, but a good portion of them are picky with gifts. Your dad will probably forgive whatever gift you give. With that being said, getting your dad a coffee gift should have coffee mug sayings for dad that are likeable. Don’t make your dad feel less of a man. Make him feel he is the strongest. Get your dad a coffee mug that say something that separates him from the other dads.

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Most dads are big guzzlers for drinks. You can use this to your advantage. Get him a coffee mug that is big and resembles a color he likes the most. You will see your dad use the same cup from day to day. I saw my dad do this one to many times. Pay attention to the cup he leaves in his car or on the kitchen counter. Find out what the color is and the size of the cup. Then, use that information to make a coffee cup looks similar. Remember, coffee cups come in all shapes and sizes. You can find something your dad really likes.

Does the size of the coffee cup matter? No, but it matters if you think your dad will get upset. Most dads do not care for coffee cup size. But, there are dads who think a little different. Pay attention to the size of cups your dad likes to drink out of. Pay attention to the cup size he always orders. You will find the right size after you know.

Its very important to pick the right color for a dad when getting a coffee mug. Some dads want light colors and some dads want dark colors. You got to know what color your dad wants. My dad got upset one time when I got him a red coffee cup. I thought he wanted one, but it turns out he wants a beige coffee cup. If your dad does not tell you right away, then you got to watch the cups he choose to drink out of. Go with that color for the coffee cup and hope for the best. Hey, if he gets mad at you, just tell him he wouldn’t tell you the color he wanted.

The main thing when buying this coffee mug is to get something your dad will smile at. Your dad has to get up early and look grumpy. He needs something to give him the smile he once had. Make sure the coffee mug sayings for dad puts a smile on him instantly. You know its those instant happy moments that make a dad feel he is alive. He needs the love produced from the coffee mug. The love that will make him strong again. I know dads come off by not wanting love, but its not true. I need a lot of love and sometimes their love needs to come in a gift package.

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