Things To Remember When Running Through The Heat

Running is great for the body, mind, and spirit. Engaging in such an activity makes one feel physically and mentally relaxed. As you sweat while running, you release toxins out of your body, which makes it even better as this gives way to fresh fluids (that is if you are topping up properly) to continue the cycle.

Whether you run for fun or to compete, you will need to be safely hydrated so you can stay on your course without any trouble. If you have with you the best water bottle for running it won’t be a problem. Many, staying hydrated while on the track difficult, however. Especially when the route to run is quite long and you have not even properly prepared for the event. This guideline will help you remember what you should and should not do the next time you plan to run.

Things To Remember When Running Through The Heat

Running in the heat can create stress instead of de-stress you if you don’t get your fill even before your body starts to feel the strain of the heat striking directly on your skin. If you continue to disregard the signals that your body is sending, you may soon find yourself gasping for breath. You may even find what you usually consider easy to do almost an impossible feat. Before you totally submit to the consequences of dehydration, you should consider topping up at the nearest water source or, perhaps taking a bite off a gel or bits of fruits that you have in your pack (assuming that you have thought of this before you head on to the field to run).

The warm weather will prove to be more challenging and you may soon find it difficult to adequately cool your body. You will notice that your heart is now beating faster than how it does when you are doing your normal running pace. This only goes to show that your body has already lost much of the stored fluids and your heart is working double time to transport the much-needed oxygen to your brain and your lungs.

It is a dreadful thing to become dehydrated when you are running in the heat. The next time you plan to run, don’t forget to include these few tricks to beat the heat and stay in top shape throughout your runs.

  • Run smart

You won’t endure the heat for long if you are not properly hydrated. If you intend to run for more than an hour, you should be prepared. Remember that you should be safely hydrated even before you head out of your house. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that active people should drink at least 16- 20 ounces of fluid one to two hours before engaging in an outdoor activity to stay properly hydrated. One should also consume 6 to 12 ounces of fluid every 10 to 15 minutes that you are outside. Once you have completed your training or activity, you should continue hydrating. To properly replace what you have lost, experts at the ACSM recommends drinking at least another 16 to 24 ounces (2- 3 cups) for every pound of body weight that you lost during the training or activity.

To make sure that you are safely hydrated is to check the color of your urine. The lighter the color of your urine, the more likely are you safely hydrated.

Don’t forget to bring the best water bottle for running so you can sip smartly when necessary. There are so many brands available in the market today. Make sure to choose one that gives you the best value for your money.

  • If necessary, take extreme measures

There are times that the heat outside can just be hard to take. This should not stop you from doing what you need and love to do. You can still head over the gym or do your runs in the treadmill. Perhaps doing a few laps on the pool will also give you the same relaxing feeling. You can always have interesting things to do if the sun outside won’t let you out.

  • Find the best times to run

For most people, it will be in the early morning when the sun has not yet at its hottest. During this time, you’ll get to enjoy the refreshing air outside as well as the vast terrain that you may just miss to see if you are running in the heat.

  • Accessorize

Running exposes you to natural weather, so you will need to wear the appropriate clothes that won’t let you sweat much sooner than you should. Wear light, loose-fitting, wicking running attire. To protect the upper part of your body, wear sunglasses, a hat or visor. Don’t forget to put on enough sunscreen. Apply one that provides full spectrum protection (against both UVA and UVB). Re-apply the sunscreen after two hours.

  • Run with the heat

To allow your body to cool down properly when running in the heat, make sure to run by your effort level. Do not force yourself to run like when you are running during the colder part of the day. Your body needs to acclimate, you just don’t need to force it. To allow your body to adjust slowly and won’t overheat, you may want to add power walks every 4 to 8 minutes so you won’t overheat.

  • Switch gears and adapt

It takes some time before your body can adjust to the surrounding heat and cool down so you won’t overheat as you train. Go slowly and adjust your pace only once your body starts to acclimate. Soon your body will be better at cooling down itself in warmer places so you can continue to run at your regular pace without feeling exhausted.


These are just simple things that anyone can easily take for granted. Remember that running in the heat can cause you to sweat more. You can keep running and still feel great if you consider these tips we have just shared.

How To Stay Properly Hydrated

Water is considered the most essential element. Without water, it will be impossible to survive. It has been used as the world’s first form of medication. It is crucial that we have enough water in our body as most of the body functions rely on it. Sixty percent of our body is water. It protects our brain as well as the other parts of our body. It helps our digestive system convert the foods that we eat into consumable nutrients that fuel the whole body. It also fuels our muscles and lubricates our joints. It even helps lessen the signs of aging.

H.H. Mitchell, one of the authors of the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, in identifying the chemical composition of the body, expressed the percentages of fluids found in its various parts. It is amazing to note that even the blood contains about 80% of water. Just imagine what will happen if you neglect to replace any lost fluid in your body. It is a good thing to always have one of the best water bottles for gym so you can stay hydrated whenever you need to.

Here we list some guidelines that will keep you hydrated throughout the day so that you will be at your best at any time.

As pointed out earlier, the body relies much on the water that you have in your body to do its normal functions. If you are losing more than what you regularly lose since you may have been exercising, doing any strenuous workout, or there are other factors within your current location that’s causing you to lose more body fluids than usual, you will need to have more fluids to drink to replace anything that was lost to ensure that your mind and your body will continue to function well.

Note that the brain and the heart are composed of about 73% water. That means if you stay hydrated, you help your brain to perform at its best. You can focus better, hence cognition, retention, as well as fine motor skills are improved.

Have you ever experienced driving for hours in a remote area without enough water for the travel? If you do, you understand how difficult it is to drive if your mind is already getting foggy as the blood that carries oxygen to the brain is having a difficult time doing what it is required to do. Note that when you are dehydrated, your blood thickens. That means your heart will have to work harder to pump out the thickened blood so that oxygen can be transported to the brain.

Everything in the body, from the cells to the organs to the systems will be dependent on the level of hydration that your body has at the moment. If you neglect to address the signals that your body is sending you when it is time for it to regain any lost fluid, it may be too late.

In addition to that, when your cells are dehydrated, they cannot absorb and use glucose as efficiently as energy.

Drink only as much as your body needs.

You may feel thirsty, but you may just actually be already dehydrated. So it’s best not to depend on your sense of thirst to have a drink.

Although there are different factors that may influence your hydration level, you will know personally when you need to have a drink. You lose water every second and every time you perspire, urinate or defecate. For the body to function as it is expected, you need to supply it with the water it needs by consuming beverages as well as foods that contain water.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that women who seem to be adequately hydrated should consume an average of about 2.7 liters (91 ounces) of total water — from all beverages and foods — each day. Men, on the other hand, should consume an average of about 3.7 liters (125 ounces) daily. However, there are other factors, as noted earlier, that will still affect the volume of fluids that you need to take. These will include your geographic location, activities, physiological features, overall health, or any pre-existing conditions.

Consider all other factors influencing your hydration level.

If you plan to engage in a high intensity (or even a low-intensity workout), you will need to be adequately hydrated before, during, and after the activity. You will also need to make sure that you drink just enough and not put your health at risk. Remember that it is possible for anyone (even professional athletes) to overhydrate and be at risk of hyponatremia.This happens when the sodium level in the body becomes depleted because of too much water that it holds.

It will also be best if you drink an isotonic drink that will help replace lost electrolytes during a workout.

One of the best things to do to determine if you are properly hydrated is the color of your urine. Your objective is to maintain a light yellow colored urine throughout the day. If the smell and the color of your urine are strong, then you are probably not getting enough water or you may actually already be dehydrated.

Final note. Be cautious of those labeled as healthy drinks.

Many diet drinks contain artificial sweeteners as they can disrupt the blood sugar levels and are also high in calories.

You don’t have to wait to feel thirsty before hydrating. All you need is one of the best water bottles for gym that you can use wherever you may be. Find one that will best suit whatever purpose you have in mind. If you always on the go and loves the outdoors, do a lot of hiking or trekking, you will need a more durable water bottle like one that is made with double insulated walls. It will also ensure that whatever you put in it, whether a hot or cold beverage, will retain the beverage’s temperature. This will also be a healthier option than a bottled water and will also be more beneficial to the environment.

Best Pregnancy-Safe Skin Care

If you are a first-time mom you may also be one of those who gets overly excited after receiving a confirmation that you are pregnant. So, congratulations! If you are still planning to get pregnant, or have just landed on this page for a question related to our topic, I’m pretty sure that you will be glad to find this information quite helpful. If you find the details provided here interesting, it will help even more ladies and other expecting moms to know about the best face cream for pregnancy, so forward it to someone you know would be grateful to know more about this.

Well, it’s not really easy to go through the nine months of pregnancy. You have to follow specific rules to stay fit for your condition. As your baby starts to rely on you for nourishment, you can’t just slather or consume everything that you see on the market or online. You always need to consider the health effects of all the ingredients indicated in each product label. Even if the label says it says ORGANIC, you still need to check if the product is made of 100% organic ingredients.

That could be confusing and also time-consuming. Fortunately, you can always to reviews and blogs like this one for related information that can guide you in your search for the best products that you can use during pregnancy. Remember, not all products are created equal. You need to always be checking everything and even consulting your primary health provider of the possible side effects of any of the ingredients found in the product that you intend to use.

Like any other woman, every mom-to-be deserves to be pampered. It’s also one way of showing your love for your soon-to-be bundle of joy. You don’t want any harmful substances leaching into your baby. You might have decided to just ditch every product inside your bag. But I’m telling you, later on, you will still have to put them on to make you feel better and to protect your skin from the harmful elements present in your surroundings.

Find out what’s best and what’s not during pregnancy or while you are nursing your baby. Choosing the best skin care products that are safe for pregnancy will give you the peace of mind while keeping you looking gorgeous.


We all want to have pretty-looking nails, but not everything that you put on your nails will be beneficial for your nails. There are a wide variety of nail polish products today that are formulated to be free of toxic chemicals like dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene. Many have even been added substances that support nail health and growth. However, it’s not the polish that may harm your nails. You see, for you to have a new polish on, nail technicians or if you like to DIY you need to use a nail polish remover. There are acetone-free nail polish removers available in the market today, but how sure are you that the technician who will be working on your nails will use the same.

Another thing is that when you need to have your nails done, you will be spending hours in the salon or inside a room where you may inhale toxic substances present in the air that you breathe. Newly polished nails look as gorgeous as naked nails, don’t you think?

If you really can’t stand the sight of unpolished nails, at least wait for the latter part of your pregnancy before heading on to the salon to have your nails done. This gives the fetus inside your belly to fully develop. That makes your body stronger and most of the pregnancy-related syndromes that you experienced in the early phase of your pregnancy like morning sickness, nausea, gassy or bloated tummy, and so on, have already disappeared. Also, make sure that the nail tech or you will use nail products that are made to be healthy and are free of toxic substances. Look for nail polish alternatives like gel polish or dipping powder as they stay longer on the nails without wearing or chipping.


Spray on tan formulas contain DHA or dihydroxyacetone which is considered safe for external use. However, inhaling this chemical can be dangerous. Studies show that this substance can damage the DNA. You have a healthier option if you really want to have a good tan. Sunbathe during the early part of the day for 15 minutes a day. Make sure you wear the proper sun protection, so you won’t damage your skin instead. Not only will you have a great-looking tan, but you will also receive the wonderful benefits of vitamin D from the sun which is an essential nutrient that your baby needs for the proper development of his/her bones.


Hormonal imbalance during pregnancy usually triggers that formation of dark pigmented patches more commonly known as the “Pregnancy Mask” on the skin, specifically on the face. To lighten these annoying dark pigmentation, you may be encouraged to use skin lighteners, but you SHOULD NOT! Skin lighteners are usually formulated with a chemical known as hydroquinone. This substance is a hormone disruptor and is also linked to cancer and organ toxicity.


These are also called artificial fragrances and are said to contain plasticizing chemicals called phthalates. It has a property allows a product to stick to the skin. Phthalates that may cause birth defects and disrupt the endocrine system. If you want to put on some real fragrance, you can use a drop or two of pure, therapeutic grade essential oils diluted in a carrier oil of your choice.


Hair dyes are known to contain carcinogenic ingredients like Arylamines, and PPD (p-phenylenediamine). Regular and long exposure to these substances may pose a risk of bladder cancer. These substances have been found to cause cancer in experimental animals.


Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl) are considered one of the many toxic substances and are commonly used in many cosmetics and self-care products such as shampoo, facial cleansers, body washes, lotions, foundations, and so on. However, like the other toxic ingredients mentioned, they are known to be endocrine (hormone) disruptors. Needless to say, you need to make sure that you pay attention to whatever is indicated on every product label before using them or your skin might soon suffer the consequences.


Most sunscreens are made with oxybenzone (a.k.a benzophenone). This chemical is linked to developmental toxicity and hormonal disruptions with high exposure. As you also need to apply sunscreen, you may just need to use mineral-based sunscreens like zinc oxide.


These compound are normally used for exfoliation, anti-aging, and acne treatments. However, they are considered unsafe for pregnancy. Take note that you also need to look for substitute names for these compounds like beta hydroxy acids or BHA for salicylic acid. Retinoids, on the other hand, are commonly listed as retinol, tretinoin (retinoic acid, Retin-A), isotretinoin, and alitretinoin.


Understanding what is not good for your skin during pregnancy will make it easier to identify which products are best for your skin. If you have specific recommendations, feel free to comment below.